FM Krajco Group
We provide services concerned with engineering and road transport for the clients from Slovakia or abroad...

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výrobok, sústruh, strojárstvo, fréza, CNC, fm krajco group


In the field of engineering, we offer machining of metals, surface modification of metals, mounting, splitting of material, measurement and control,…

výrobok, sústruh, strojárstvo, fréza, CNC, fm krajco group, autodoprava

Road Transport

Weoffernational and international transport ofgoods, forwardingservicesdepending on therequirementsofourclients…

výrobok, sústruh, strojárstvo, fréza, CNC, fm krajco group, vykopove, prace

Excavation and earthwork

We implement hydroisolations, excavation and earthwork, engineering networks, modification of the terrain, importation and transport of building material,…

We cooperate with more than 350 companies

A lot of reputable and respectable companies from Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia belong among our main customers. For example: : Rademaker Slovakia, CONTINENTAL, MATADOR, VÚMZ Zlín, EMR, S&I Technology, Masterwork, Kinex Bytča, K M & A Kunststoff, Metall&Assembling, Fiege, Emons, Frimo, KTW, Hans-Herrmann.

Flexibility, professionalism and the adherence to deadlines.

The priority of our company is a supply of high-quality products in the required deadlines and high level of professionalism.

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Are you interested?

Do not hesitate and contact us with your request concerning manufacturing, transport services or excavation work.


The name of the project: Technologies for inovation of process of production of FM Krajco Group company.

The main aim of the project: The strategical aim of the project is the growth of competitiveness of FM Krajco Group company.