CNC Treatment

In the present time, our company runs 3 CNC treatment centres (3 axes) a 2 CNC leathes. We manufacture either metallic or non-metallic components and we use modern technologies to do so. We are able to provide manufacturing of larger series of components in case of the request of our clients. We are also able to manufacture more complicated 3D parts. However, model of the component is needed.

Surface treatment of metals

We are able to provide surface treatment of fabricated products according to the needs of our customers. We cooperate with companies, which provide galvanising, nickel planting, chromium plating, phosphate coating, anodizing, nitriding, hardening, cementation and blacking. We are also able to provide finishing of components on a wire cutter, labelling of components by laser. (The protocol is necessary).


Mounting of manufactured components is also one of the services we provide. Our qualified employees with long-time practice provide mounting according to the drawing documentation.

Splitting of material

We split metals with the diameter up to 280 mm using bandsaws. The bandsaws are designated for splitting of material in perpendicular or angular cuts (angular cuts are settable from 0 to 60 degrees to the right). We are able to split wide range of quality of materials including stainless steel and tool steels (profiles and intermediate products).

Measurement and control

We are able to provide measurement report for the manufactured fragments as well, if the customer requests.