Machinery and equipment

Our machining centres belong among powerful boring and milling centres for medium-heavy production. Their application is found in the area of high-speed machining, machining of forms, automobile industry, power industry and whole range of different branches. The machines are equipped with the system for automatic tool exchange, they enable milling, boring, roughing, reaming and direct thread cutting. The high-quality design and setting of machines guarantees high reliability.

Machining center VMCA 760 CNC r.s.Heidenhein (2 pieces)

Description Parameters
Axis X 760 mm
Axis Y 440 mm
Axis Z 460 mm
Max. speed X / Y / Z 30 m/min
Table size 900 x 410 mm
Loading capacity 350 kg
Speed 10000 ot./min.
Machinery reservoir 24/30
Total weight 4350 kg

Machining center VMCA 1050 r.s. Heidenhein

Description Parameters
Axis X 1050 mm
Axis Y 600 mm
Axis Z 600 mm
Max. speed X / Y / Z 30 m/min
Table size 1200 x 600 mm
Loading capacity 800 kg
Speed 12000 ot./min.
Machinery reservoir 24/30
Total weight 10000 kg

CNC lathe OKUMA LB3000 EX II

A one spindle unit with one turret and one revolver head with the X and Z axis and tail block. Revolver heads suitable for 12 tools. The apparatus belongs to the SPACE EX conception .It provides high stiffness for stable and accurate production, even in large quantities.
Motor PREX 24kw – it handles both heavy and high speed machining steadily and in a quality that could be expected even in machines with the above category.

CNC lathe MP 446

A machine is not universal CNC lathe for piece or small-scale production. The shell of the machine is made of castings from certified cast iron “Meehanite”, which excels by its stiffness and absorption of vibrations caused by the cultivation.

Description Parameters
Max. turning length 600 mm
Length between spikes 850 mm
Spindle 3000 ot./min.
Weight 2100 kg

Conventional millers

FA4V + FGU32 for roughing and angle making for CNC. VKV 63 and SV 18+SV 40

Hydraulic band saw 240×280 GH

It finds its application in piece and small-scale production and due to its robust construction, allows the distribution of a wide range of quality materials, including stainless steel and tool steels, as well as profiles and intermediate products.