Company FM Krajco Group s.r.o.

About our company
Our company was founded in year 2013 with the main aim of manufacturing spare parts for the automobile industry and also custom manufacturing according to the individual needs of our clients. The bases of our company are experienced employees, who had gained their experiences in reputable engineering firms in Slovak Republic, Czech Republic and Germany. That is the basis according to which we are able to provide services with long-time practice on a high level.

Another branch of the company deals with providing services in the area of national and international transport by forwarding. The transportation of goods is carried out by our own vehicles or via verified contractual carriers we cooperate with.

Our vision and who do we cooperate with
The main aim of “FM Krajco Group s.r.o.” company is the supply of high-quality products before dead-lines according to all specific needs of our clients. Our advantage over other firms is flexibility of small enterprise with the support of skills and use of the system presented in big companies.

The companies from Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic belong among our prime customers in the field of engineering. Companies such as: Rademaker Slovakia, CONTINENTAL, MATADOR, VÚMZ Zlín, EMR, S&I Technology, Masterwork, Kinex Bytča, K M & A Kunststoff, Metall & Assembling, Fiege, Emons, Frimo, KTW, Hans-Herrmann are part of our clientele.

We provide road transport in countries such as Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy.

„The aim of our company is the supply of high-quality products according to the needs of our customers.“