Excavation and earthwork

Excavation and earthwork is performed according to the needs of our customers for acceptable prices set by the deal. Availability of consultancy and examination is a matter of course. We use machines- tracked excavator Volvo ECR 38 and Mini-Dumper VH500.

Current scope of services we provide: District of Čadca, Kysucké Nové Mesto and surroundings, Považská Bystrica and surroundings. With the full use of our services, we offer a possibility of mediation of freight with the import and transport of building material and construction machines of any kind up to 15 tons. The condition however, is the use of our services.

We perform:
  • excavation (e.g. house foundations)
  • hydroisolation of whole house/object
  • engineering network – water, sewerage, electricity and gas connection
  • landscaping (house or road surroundings)
  • trenching of holes and ditches of various parameters (e.g.: pools, shafts, cellars, cesspits, footings, drainage pipings, pits for the connections…)
  • drilling of pits (e.g. fence, billboard)
  • transport of building material
  • preparatory works for constructions
  • import of gravel (various fractions), sand, macadam, stone, etc.
  • building of fences ( netting, concrete, plastic, wooden) – completely

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